Release notes

Jazler RadioStar has reached 2.11 version!


The 2.11.11 version fixes major bugs of the 2.9.

Please log in to, to obtain the new release.

Below there is a detailed list of fixes/changes/additions since 2.9

The new version fixes major bugs and has some new improvements. Both Studio and Workstation must be updated.

ATTENTION: This is a major update of Jazler, where the internal database engine is totally changed from the Access 2000 to the Access 2010 version. The new database drivers must be installed BEFORE installing this new version. You DO NOT NEED to have Microsoft Office installed but you must also ensure that you are NOT running the 64bit version of Microsoft Office wherever you are installing Jazler (either studio or workstation). The installation of the database drivers will inform you in case that they run into an 64bit version of office.

There is no solution right now if you want to have jazler and 64bit office on the same machine. However some clients report that they had 64bit office and jazler run without problems. The installation of the database drivers will determine if this new version of jazler can be installed. If it does not show any error, then jazler will run without errors too. When purchasing Microsoft Office, Microsoft gives you both 32 and 64 installations, but prefers the 32bit for best compatibility with other 32bit programs (like Jazler), so the only solution is to uninstall 64bit office and install the 32bit version.

ATTENTION 2: The STUDIO computer MUST be connected to the internet so Jazler can activate the HASP USB key at least for the first time running this version. If Jazler reports that it does not recognize the firmware of the HASP key, then please contact Jazler support immediatelly to resolve this. In case that this happens non-working hours, you are advised to uninstall and install the older version of Jazler until the activation issue is resolved. After the update, the HASP key is automatically updated and there is no possible to open an older version of Jazler.

List of changes made to this version


  • MAJOR UPDATE: The database engine of Jazler has been upgraded to the latest version of the Microsoft Access DB Engine, which ensures stability and perfomance. The new database engine driver must be installed before installing Jazler. Also, before installing Jazler, please make sure that you have NOT installed the 64bit version of Microsoft office on your computer, otherwise Jazler will not be able to run.


  • Buffering is much faster for the next track to be aired. Jazler will also try to pre-buffer the second next track for more efficient playback.
  • Added the ability to scroll the studio tracks with the mouse over the decks.
  • Added an option to fade out ALL songs even if there is no fade-out selected for each song. You will find this at General Properties>Playback.
  • Added an option to cancel the commercial break if it is going to be delayed by x minutes. This option is on General Properties>Rotation Behavior>Auto Mode.
  • Added an option to cancel Time Anouncement priority spots, if it is going to be delayed by x minutes. This option is on General Properties>Rotation Behavior>Auto Mode.
  • Improved mix time accuracy. The estimated time for each track to be aired at the studio is much more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug where scheduled playlists on Saturday 23:00 were ignored sometimes and never aired.


  • Added a new feature where a song can overlap a jingle if the jingle AND the song have intros set. Jazler will try to overlap the next song with the jingle, so the jingle will sound like a sweeper. If the song has no intro, it will normally play at the end of the jingle.


  • MAJOR UPDATE: Added a new feature called UNSTOPPABLE. If you make an event Unstoppable, the studio user will not be able to click StopNext or Pause while it is playing. This can restrict the studio user to talk less on-air.


  • Added the ability to insert a commercial break through the playlister text file with the command COMBREAK xx:xx
  • Fixed a bug where a playlist marked with random option, without any songs, could not be loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where weekly scheduled playlist on Saturday 23:00 was not loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where inserting a blank (deleted) track the playlist was disappearing.
  • Added the ability to import multiple playlist files.


  • Fixed a bug where sometimes when audio from the rebroadcasting source was interrupted and came back, jazler would not restore the audio on the output.

Commercial Break Sync on Rebroadcast

  • Improved accuracy on the synchronization of the breaks between mother and rebroadcasting stations.


  • Fixed a bug where sweepers assigned as bridge at end on clocks did not always play.

Direct Files

  • Fixed a bug where auto cue was performed only with the default auto cue values.

Internet File Updating Services

  • MAJOR UPDATE: Added an extra field at all jazler tracks (songs, spots, jingles, events) where you can decide exactly what is announced to the internet when something is playing. Added more options depending on Jazler's status. Different message while Jazler is on rebroadcast, when is idle or when events, jingle, spot and direct file is playing.

Songs Database

  • Added the ability to export the selected songs to a desired folder with right click (without affecting the database).
  • Fixed a bug where making nice filename on multiple selection may lead to not responding state.
  • Fixed a bug where during import .flac files had wrong title/artist.

Backup Utility

  • Added a restriction where it's not possible to select a drive root as a backup directory. It must always be a folder.

Jazler VideoStar has reached 2.1.16 version!


The 2.1.16 version fixes major bugs of the 2.1.14

Please log in to, to obtain the new release.

Below there is a detailed list of fixes/changes/additions since 2.1.14

The new version fixes minor bugs. Both Studio and Workstation must be updated.


  • The new version pre-buffers the next video so it can be ready for broadcast, eliminating the time needed to to open and start playing the file.
  • Faster transition between video files eliminating possible black screens showed for milliseconds in older versions.
  • Fixes a bug where playing direct files may occur a memory leak after several days.