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More than 2000 radio stations worldwide.

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jazler radiostar

Jazler RadioStar is the premiere radio automation package developed by Jazler software. Jazler RS2 has hundreds of enhancements compared to the old RS1 & Simplepack.
Check out the RS2 new features, like the Clocks, Enhanced Spots Management, Automatic Playlist Creation, Internet Rebroadcast, VoiceTracks, SuperSearch and QuickEdit.


  • Powerful Music Scheduling
  • Schedule & Manage Commercials
  • Create/Import Playlists
  • Realtime use of Instant Jingles
  • Auto-Rebroadcasting (LineIn or Stream)
  • Full RDS Automation
  • Integration with SMS Services
  • Internet song title announcement
  • Control over local network
  • Printed reports and statistics

jazler spycorder
Jazler Spycorder 2 is the ultimate tool for a radio station after its radio automation. It is its gate to the internet, its 24 hour logging recorder and much more!


  • Records Audio 24-7
  • Automatically Uploads Podcasts
  • Encodes & Broadcasts to the internet



Withdrawal of JAZLER SimplePack!
SEP 30, 2015

Jazler Software announces the withdrawal of Jazler SimplePack. We are extremely grateful to every radio station who trusted SimplePack, all over the world for 15 years. By the end of October, SimplePack won't be available for sale although we will continue the technical support. New updates are no longer available but we will keep try to solve compatibility issues. We keep looking forward for new products to cover your needs easily and reliable. Thank you again for your support.


Brand new VideoStar!
JUN 15, 2015

Jazler Software announces the release of Jazler VideoStar2. A brand new video automation with integrated graphics, powerful video rotation, programmable and live graphics. Check it out HERE


End of upgrade offer on 20 March!
MAR 11, 2015

Jazler Software announces that on March 20, the upgrade price (250 euro) of SimplePack to RadioStar will be obsolete. (The offer does not apply to SimplePack users that purchased the program in the last year)!


Update for the RadioStar 2!
OCT 01, 2014

Jazler Software announces the new version of RadioStar, 2.9.79. The new version fixes minor bugs which you can check here!


Update for the SpyCorder2!
MAY 12, 2014

Jazler Software announces the new version of SpyCorder. It has some bug fixes and also a free javascript player for your website to allow the users to listen their favourite shows / podcasts. Check it out here!


The brand new JazlerShow Lite !
MARCH 13, 2014

The worlds best cart replacement software just transferred to Windows 8 RT. Check it out here or in the Windows Store


The brand new JazlerShow2!
JULY 12, 2013

The worlds best cart replacement software just got better. Based on the new Microsoft technologies and extended jazler radio studio studies, we have improved the best instant audio player to be out of any other competitive softwares league! Check it out here!


jazler videostar

Jazler is the new video automation platform, based on the Jazler RadioStar interface and logic, so it is music-channel friendly, but works effortlessly for main content television channels too. Can be used as main program out, or helper for television studios providing content to television channels. Can also be used for web-tvs, or hotels providing content to their rooms.

Jazler has the full features of an automation, like programmable playlists, commercials, bumpers, programmable and manual graphics, programmable and manual pass-through of up to three video lines (where you can also add graphics to them), audio leveling with either a compressor or AGC.


  • Powerful Video Scheduling
  • Integrated Graphic Editor
  • Parental Guidance
  • Live graphics update
  • Schedule & Manage Commercials
  • Easy to use graphics scheduling
  • Realtime use of Instant Bumpers
  • Auto-Rebroadcasting , Line-in
  • Full RDS Automation
  • Internet song title announcement
  • Control over local network
  • Printed reports and statistics

Organize all your jingles and special effects in a very reliable, fast and easy to use, cenrtal screen. You can have quick access to palettes and categories seperated with different colors, so you don't get confused.


Television-Radio shows, theatres, live perfomances can use JazlerShow's incredible features!